Modernize Legacy Applications

Over time, systems that once met your business needs can become brittle and lose their effectiveness, resulting in the inability of your company to meet business goals. Application modernization is the evolution of an existing system, with the goal of streamlining a process or applying current technologies to an aging, cumbersome or band-aided system. It involves the utilization of modern tools and methodologies to replace legacy applications.

Modernizing legacy applications brings its own set of problems. What about the historical data? Is the process appropriate for today's requirements? Modernization projects often involve the migration of existing data into the new software and databases. Bonus Software has performed countless Extract-Transform-Load (ETL) operations to migrate data into new systems or to integrate existing systems.

Bonus Software helps organizations strategically modernize their systems by:

  • Performing an assessment of the legacy systems
  • Defining the requirements to move forward from the legacy systems
  • Harvesting new requirements for the new systems
  • Recommending a solution to the requirements
  • Providing a vision of the new system
  • Developing and delivering the new system
  • Training your company to use the new system

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